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part of a positive lifestyle

The phwatr Difference

  • phwatr produces alkaline water to naturally help balance a body’s pH

  • ionizes the water for a powerful antioxidant effect

  • Reduces water cluster size for super hydration and

  • Restores beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Our enhanced technology ensures the water is extremely efficient at hydration and powerful antioxidant capabilities. The antioxidant capabilities are the single most important factor and while some are alkaline, very few water products in the market are antioxidant.


phwatr offers 2 filters so you can hydrate at home and on the go. The phwatr Jug Filter + Filter Stick remineralize and ionize your drinking water so you can hydrate on a cellular level. They also remove more toxins for safer drinking water.


Our enhanced technology ensures phwatr is extremely efficient at hydration and powerful antioxidant capabilities. The antioxidant capabilities are the single most important factor and while some are alkaline, very few water products in the market are antioxidant.


phwatr products are made in Canada of imported components which allows us to monitor the exceptional quality of our products.



Real customers share how phwatr has helped their lives for the better. From elite athletes to aging parents, the power of hydration helps people lead better lives. Read on for a handful of stories we’ve received from customers over the years.


Increased Stamina + Endurance

I am a university student on a football scholarship. Performance and consistency are critical to my success. Since drinking phwatr, I’ve noticed my stamina and endurance have increased. I’ve always trained hard, but with phwatr, my recovery time is much shorter and my football stats just seem to get better and better. I credit phwatr with making the difference.

Matthew N, customer since 2014

More Energy, Fewer Muscle Aches, Healthier Kids

There are numerous benefits that we have experienced since starting to drink the water. I was never a water drinker before, if I drank 4 glasses of water per week, I was doing good. With phwatr I drink 6-8 glasses every day, there is just something that once I have that first drink I want more. I have more energy and the muscle aches that I had consistently have disappeared and only reappear when I am away and don’t have the water for several days in a row. My youngest son, who since he started school 11 years ago, missed 15-20 days of school every year with bad colds and flu. Since we started the phwatr 16 months ago, he has not had a cold or flu or missed any school due to illness.

Susan P, customer since 2011

Improved Health for Aging Parent + Psoriasis Relief

While battling chronic UTIs (urinary tract infections) in our mother, a resident of the facility, (a medical colleague of mine) suggested alkaline drinking water. After further investigation, we decided to give it a try. She to this day has not had any recurring symptoms since switching to phwatr…. My only caution would be, not all alkaline drinking water is the same, we did our homework and phwatr is by far the best, let me qualify….Their product, their people, and their service, “The best”. I have incorporated phwatr into all my business and home.

John D, customer since 2009

I‘ve suffered from psoriasis since I was 18 years old. It started in my scalp and spread to my legs, chest and arms. White itchy flakes. I tried everything, sometimes it would work for a while, but it always came back. Since I’ve been drinking phwatr, though, the itching is gone, and the flaking is clearing up. My legs, scalp and chest are clear. My arms are nearly clear! Thank you, I am most grateful.

Robert L, customer since Nov 2013


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We’re a water filter company that believes in a positive lifestyle…

We believe our health & happiness depend on what we put into our bodies, so we created a product that helps tip the scales in your favor.

We’re constantly balancing the ideal with the actual- from the food we eat, to how we spend our time (work, family, exercise, etc.) to the warnings we see about environmental toxins. We can’t always go all-out for the perfect life but with little tweaks we can tip the scales toward a more positive lifestyle.

Our bodies are naturally working to reach a balance (the body likes to be at around 7.4 pH) but because of the food and drinks we consume we become quite acidic. Disease (specifically bacteria, fungus, candida, viruses, to name a few) thrives in acidic environments which allows for illnesses to flourish in our bodies. phwatr helps tip the balance towards a more basic state with alkaline and antioxidant water created by our filters. Don’t forget that tap water and even some bottled waters contain chlorine, fluoride and other toxins, phwatr removes these toxins and adds antioxidants to boost your water’s hydrating properties. The simple act of drinking nourishing, alkaline antioxidant water balances some of our other less than ideal habits.

We are also set apart by using filters rather than prepackaged bottled water, being more eco-friendly for the environment. We believe in a holistic approach to a positive lifestyle and we try to maintain this mantra in all that we do: phwatr is part of a positive lifestyle.


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