Wherever You Go, Drink Great Water!

phwatr is all about healthy, happy living. And we want you to stay hydrated no matter where your travels take you.

phwatr not only remineralizes water which in turn boosts alkalinity, but we also add antioxidants to your water to give it a positive ionization- this is what hydrates your cells so deeply. This 1-2 punch of alkaline antioxidant water is what we offer in both our phwatr filter products.

The original phwatr Filter is great for home & office use in any universal jug.

The phwatr Filter Stick is great when you’re on the go- use it with any reusable bottle.

(You can find bottles here, in our shop.)

Enjoy the benefits of drinking alkaline antioxidant water wherever you roam! Happy trails!

Some of our favorite places around the phwatr headquarters.