phwatr Filter

phwatr Filter


phwatr FILTER reduces chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals from potable water, but also, produces alkaline water (9.5+) to naturally balance your body's pH  and ionizes the water for a powerful antioxidant effect (ORP -200).  Our jug replacement filters fit most popular models of water pitchers, produces 300 litres (nearly 80 gallons) at a 9.5+ pH, replaces up to 600 bottles of water (500ml) lasts 4 months+ depending on use.

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Rebalance the acidic pressures of modern day life. Earth’s water was once more alkaline. PHWATR returns your tap, bottled or any potable water to the optimum pH level you were designed to drink.

Refresh by super hydrating like never before bio- transformed PHWATR is easier for your body to absorb.

Revive your level of vitality with time tested natural energy from the water you drink every day. Using proven technology PHWATR adds antioxidant capabilities to your water through an organic mineral rich process that replicates Mother Earth.


Before inserting filter shake three times. Insert the filter securely and fill the jug with potable water. Rinse three times which will rinse away the black loose carbon dust. On the 4th pitcher, water should be clear and ready to drink. Enjoy!

If no water flows, remove filter, shake gently and reinsert into pitcher. If water flows too quickly, make sure filter is securely twisted into reservoir casing. All the water must run through the filter and not around it in order to reach optimum pH and ionization. Litmus paper cannot be used to measure water pH, use pH test reagent drops.

If a white gritty substance builds up in your jug, it is simply calcium residue. Wipe your pitcher out with white or apple cider vinegar and it will return to its sparkling clean finish. The water produced by this filter is not meant to diagnose or treat any health conditions. Use only safe potable drinking water. Assembled in Canada from Imported components.