phwatr Glass Water Bottle with Filter Stick

phwatr Glass Water Bottle with Filter Stick


Glass water bottle with infuser and water enhancing stick.  Neoprene sleeve for a secure grip and an extra layer of protection.  The infuser keeps your stick securely in place.. 550 ml capacity (18.5 ounces) Use stick with potable water to reduce chlorine, improves odour and taste.  Alkalizes and Ionizes the water for beneficial antioxidant properties.  Lasts 40 litres or approx. 80 bottles of water.

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Easily test the pH of your bottled, tap and filtered water. Know when to change your phwatr filter based on your own personal usage. Drop 8-10 drops of reagent into a ½ ounce of water and compare the color results to the pH on the box. Lasts 30-35 tests.